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March 02, 2011



  • 1.Ready For Love
  • 2.Crowded In My Soul
  • 3.Cold Black Night
  • 4.Beg Forgiveness
  • 5.Gates of Heaven
  • 6.Roll Over
  • 7.Black Hearted Woman
  • 8.Silver Blue
  • 9.Change Will Come
  • 10.Love Gone Bad
  • 11.Shame

Vocals and Guitars: Todd Wolfe
Drums and Backing Vocals: Roger Voss
Bass and Backing Vocals: Suavek Zaniesienko

Some additional info about the album
Executive Producers: Jim Russo and Barry Blechman
Produced by Todd Wolfe & Rich Frikkers
Recording by Rich Frikkers
Mixed by Todd Wolfe & Rich Frikkers
Recorded at McCoole's Arts Place, Quakertown, Pa