“Miles To Go” is yet another outstanding set from a truly remarkable artist. I hope that this trio is able to stay together for a good while, as they truly will have the opportunity to record some what will no doubt become very memorable music.” Over the years of writing and reviewing music, I have continually run across artists and bands whose obvious and evident talent always leave me shaking my head, wondering why these people are not more mainstream. They are also artists who, when I hear of a new or upcoming release, I know I will want to review, as they seem incapable of releasing a bad recording. In anyone’s “top 10” of such artists in both categories, one should always find the name of one time Sheryl Crow guitarist and Los Angeles based blues/rock guitar great Todd Wolfe. – Tom Branson,

“Miles To Go has a deep bluesy soul with a tinge of Southern rock and a psychedelic vibe…’Wolfe’s current bandmates are both incredibly skilled musicians, each adding a unique element to the band’s overall sound. Todd Wolfe, began playing music for New Yorkers back in 1979, and this album is proof that he’s still rocking to this day. Miles To Go has a deep bluesy soul with a tinge of Southern rock and a psychedelic vibe.”
Eileen Quaranto, BLUES ROCK REVIEW

“The Todd Wolfe Band deliver a powerful sonic experience with the release of ‘Miles To Go’ …with a mix of blues, Southern rock, and even a little soul, the eighth release by this band has me yearning to hear the earlier releases.” – Melissa Martinez, ROCK OVER AMERICA

““Blues-rock reigns supreme on this latest album from singer/guitarist Todd Wolfe and his hot band featuring bassist Justine Gardner and drummer Roger Voss. Original songs let Wolfe tell the stories while he and his band fill the room with sizzling thrills … music to deliver a universal message drenched in blues and colored with modern rock textures. It’s hot.”” – Jim Santella, Southland Blues

““This disc deserves a decent listen. The music contains mixed genres complete with familiar elements framed with a dash of diversity that demonstrates that the Todd Wolfe Band may no longer have that many Miles To Go to make it.”” – William Phoenix, LA Music Examiner

“Charismatic stage presence, tight arrangements, electrifying chops … Miles To Go is proof that the Todd Wolfe Band has indeed arrived.”

“Miles To Go is the kind of U.S. blues-rock release I have been waiting for since the beginning of the year. 5 Stars for one of the finest releases I have heard in 2013.”
Frank Roszak, Blues Underground Network

“Authentic blues is sent from above. The sharpest players and greatest legends came from our genre, and one of the best bands around today is The Todd Wolfe Band. Their new live album is cutting a clear path towards chart elevation. ” – Cashbox Magazine

“Good mix of music with a wide range of styles. Enough guitar pryrotechnics to keep guitar geeks happy and a variety of vocal styles. If you like Smokin Joe Kubik, Texas/Louisiania style guitar, and Eric Clapton style vocals, then you should like this release. I have a tendancy to rate CD’s as to “will they stay in my collection” and this one is a keeper.” – Robert T. Murphy, Blues On Stage

“Electrifying powerful cd with impressive guitar discharges, that will get right into your body as if were vitamins. No more B vitamins doses, no more dark coffee cups, the hard cutting Todd Wolfe’s rock blues will wake you up every day, everywhere, any time you listen to his music.”
Vicente “Harmonica” Zumel, La Hora del Blues

“It’s amazing how Todd Wolfe has managed to create an album that could be the lost recordings of some seventies group”
– NY Blues & Jazz Society

“If you don’t get laid after taking a date to see a todd wolfe show, you’re with the wrong person”
– Frank de Blase, Rochester City News

“Funny thing about music, you can play the oldest of formulas, pay tribute to great writers and players and still sound vibrant and new. take Wolfe”
David Hodge,

“Whenever I listen to Wolfe I feel as if I’m listening to an old, forgotten and rediscovered rock album. He is an exciting guitarist who does not overplay and, as a seasoned bandleader”
– Richard Ludmerer , Blues Wax

“Imagine some power trio mixed into a texas blues foundation and overlaid with trippy psychedelia – that’s the essence of wolfe’s music”
– Hittin’ The Note, Hittin’ The Note

“This is a very good disc. If I gave stars, this one would be a 5 star disc. I’m excited about Todd Wolfe. He can play guitar great and he sings really well, and the future looks bright. This disc is on Blues Leaf Records.”
Bruce Edwards, Sunday Night Blues Project

“Todd Wolfe is a true triple threat. His jaw-dropping guitar skills are well known, but he’s also a soulful singer who writes a great song”
– Kay Cordtz, Blues Revue